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You know I’m just a little tired of being unhappy over things that didn’t deserve my happiness anyways. If something once made me feel on top of the world and has now hurt my heart it was never worthy of the emotion that I fed to it initially. When I give into something, I give whole heartedly and with no hesitation because I trust whatever it is that I’m choosing to give my emotions to. Once that thing fails me I feel more than a simple sense of betrayal, I feel a discomfort within my heart because I only deceived myself. The heart beyond all things is the most wicked and deceitful of anything in this world. Trusting your heart to make decisions for you is what causes you to be deceived and what causes such grave pain and depression. Sitting here feeling the way I feel currently only brings me to a very low place, a place that I don’t deserve to be at. One day, I’ll be filled with a happiness that no man can ever be taught, that cannot be explained nor conveyed by words. One day I won’t feel this way because I’ll learned not to trust in what I feel but to trust knowledgeably. It’s about much more than you feel in the moment, it’s about what emotions you know will come.  

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